For a business with a goal to revitalize and rejuvenate its clients, Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa took some time to focus inward and give its Green office a refreshed look—in a new location.

SCS Elite MediSpa has been in the Green area for seven years. Earlier this year, it moved a mile down the road to Town Park Center. It also has offices in Medina and Wooster.

“When redesigning our Green office space, we wanted a look that is sleek, refreshed and new,” says Aaron Mierzwiak, practice administrator. “Being a medispa, we want to make our clients feel relaxed, excited and renewed when they visit our location.”

The office is welcoming to both men and women, featuring a gray soothing color palette, comfy couches, modern artwork and crystal chandeliers that add a touch of bling.

There are four dedicated treatment rooms—two for injectables, one for laser services and body contouring treatments, and a facial room.

With its own fireplace, velvet couch and furry pillows, the facial room epitomizes what a luxurious spa should be. Couple that with a medically trained staff, and the result is a medispa that not only pampers its clients but also gets real results.

Advanced Facials
As a medical spa, SCS Elite MediSpa provides more advanced skincare you can’t get at a regular salon. Here, three physicians work side by side with estheticians who are well versed in medical-grade facials, chemical peels and exfoliating treatments.

“Now is the time to get your skin hydrated and ready for summer,” says Sofie Burns, an aesthetician in the Green office who worked at the world-renowned Hilton Head Health wellness center in South Carolina before moving back to her hometown four years ago.

The newest skincare treatment on the menu is the PRX-T33, which is a non-peeling peel. It still has chemical properties, but it bypasses the epidermis and goes right into the dermis, so your top layer of skin does not peel. It rebuilds collagen and tightens the skin from within.

“While we don’t do deep chemical peels in the summer, we can do the PRX-T33 year-round,” says Sofie.

The medispa also sells medical-grade skincare products with active anti-aging ingredients. “It is important to use hydrating skincare products and products with vitamin C in the summer because they help to combat free radical damage from the sun’s rays,” she says.

From Temple to Thighs
In addition to facials, the medispa offers a host of other rejuvenation services.

As skilled master injectors, Dr. Dana Bonezzi, Dr. Debra Fast and Dr. Kathleen Fearon offer an arsenal of techniques to replace lost volume in the face or lips.

More than just getting rid of the “elevens” between your eyes and “parentheses” around your mouth, there is an art to using injectables and fillers. At SCS Elite MediSpa, the medical professionals combine female artistry and advanced techniques for the best results.

“We have been seeing wonderful results with the Kysse filler for patients who want fuller, plumper lips,” says Dr. Fast. “It is softer, smoother and buttery.

The MediSpa also offers body rejuvenation, including CoolSculpting, as well as laser hair removal.

Look Good, Feel Better
SCS Elite MediSpa’s mission is not only to help its patients look their best, but to also feel their best. Leading the charge is Nadine Bigham, a certified nurse practitioner and hormone specialist.

“We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in the form of pellets in our Green and Wooster offices,” says Nadine. “This is my passion, as I have experienced firsthand how BHRT changed my quality of life and improved my health. After I received my first Biote pellets, I began sleeping well again and regained my energy. Now I am helping clients feel better, too.”

“Hormone therapy is not only for women—more men are also opting for BHRT,” she notes. “Optimizing your hormones can help improve your energy, enhance your mood, memory, and mental clarity, sleep better and restore your libido. Some of my patients have reported significant reduction of hot flashes in just a few weeks.” Backed by science, BHRT may help some age-related health issues, including decreased bone density, poor heart health, abnormal breast and prostate health, and diminished cognition and memory.

Pellets are superior to creams, patches and injectables, offering steady levels with predictable absorption without unnecessary side effects. They are convenient with insertion every 3.5 months for women and 5.5 months for men. “After researching BHRT for my personal usage, it was clear that Biote stood out above the rest,” Nadine explains. “Biote offers precision dosing with only the highest quality of pellets.”

The process begins with a consultation to determine if the patient is a candidate for BHRT, a health assessment of current symptoms and lab work to determine current hormone, thyroid and vitamin D levels. Compiling this information, Nadine creates a personalized health plan with the patient. If the patient decides to move forward, the pellets can be inserted during their visit.

“We are optimizing hormones to help patients maximize their well-being and regain their youth.” Nadine smiles.

Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa has three offices: 1840 Town Park Boulevard in Uniontown/Green, 330-933-6493; 3727 Friendsville Road in Wooster, 330-465-0670; and 410 South Court Street in Medina, 330-636-1608. You can find out more, including hours for each location, at