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A muscle relaxer similar to Botox Cosmetic.

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Dysport is a wrinkle relaxer used to soften moderate to severe wrinkles and fine line. It can be used to help reduce the muscle strength in certain areas of the face which results in a softer, more refreshed appearance.

The difference between Botox and Dysport are : Botox has been around longer, the proteins that make up these products are different, Dysport has a quicker “on set” than Botox, and the units are calculated differently. It is injected the exact same way as Botox, with a small diabetic needle. If you are someone with a milk allergy or sensitivity then you are not a candidate for Dysport because of the protein used.

  • Longevity- Up to 3 months
  • Treatment Time- 15 Minutes
  • Recovery Time- None
  • Average Unit Amount- 150 units ( equal to 50 units of Botox)
  • Price- $4.00/unit
  • Visibility of Results- 3-7 Days
  • Great for Women & Men, 18 years and older
  • Customized Treatment
  • Safe and Effective
  • Proven, Long-Term Results
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • No Down Time
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Physician-Directed Wrinkle Relaxer Procedures

Our Physicians

All three of our Master Injectors have over ten years of beauty aesthetic experience. Each one specializes in a customized, natural and personal approach for each client. They combine female artistry and advanced techniques to ensure your best result.

Dr. Dana Bonezzi, MD

Dr. Debra Fast, DO

Dr. Kathleen Fearon, DO

Dana Bonezzi
Dana BonezziM.D.
With diplomas from Northwestern Ohio University College of Medicine and The Ohio State University, graduating with honors, Dr. Bonezzi is board certified in Internal Medicine. She is a trained injector for Allergan, Galderma and Merz pharmaceutical products. Her artistry and passion for injecting has created beautiful results for many people.She is one of the few doctors in the area who performs the “Injectable Thread Lift,” a non-invasive facelift that allows patients to see the results they want without surgery. Dr. Bonezzi and husband Frank have four children and are active members of their church.
Debra Fast
Debra FastD.O.
Dr. Debra Fast graduated from Ohio State University of Osteopathic Medicine at the top of her class, and is board certified in Internal Medicine. She is a trained injector for Allergan, Galderma and Merz pharmaceutical products. Dr. Fast has perfected contouring techniques and provides beautiful results for her patients with a personalized attention to detail. She is passionate about fitness and enjoys sharing her expertise with her patients to help them achieve overall wellness. She is a mother of two children and is actively involved in sports.
Kathleen Fearon
Kathleen FearonD.O.
Dr. Kathleen Fearon received her undergraduate degree from St. Vincent’s College and received her Master’s in physiology from West Virginia University. She graduated with a degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Ohio University and is board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr Fearon is a trained injector for Allergan, Galderma and Merz Pharmaceutical products. Her advanced techniques for correcting facial volume loss produce amazing results. Her clients love her warm, caring attitude and usually receive a hug at the end of their visit. She is married to husband, Harold and has three beautiful children.
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Three locations (Green/Akron, Medina, and Wooster) providing physician directed non-invasive facial & body procedures


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